Saturday, May 16, 2009

Orthodoxy in a Nutshell

Thanks to Demetrios1 for this quote:

"This is the Church that began with the dudes that hung out with Christ. I figure any other church is going to be more 'dude like' and less 'Christ like.'"

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What's Bringing People to Orthodoxy?

Recently I've been getting acquainted with the podcast "Journeys to Orthodoxy" on the OCN. As is the case with the conversion stories I've heard on Ancient Faith Radio, the most often repeated reason for joining the Orthodox Church is AUTHENTICITY.

Now, I was born in the Church, so my take is admittedly a bit different. But what I thought would be the most attractive part of Orthodoxy would be CONTINUITY, in that over time and space the Church has consistently taught the same thing as Christ did to the Apostles; it's not just antiguity, it's accuracy.

There is so much depth to Orthodoxy that many people will come to this Faith by many different roads, whether it's through the beauty of our services, the mystical experience of asceticism, or even our social outreach. The problem is that anecdotally, in the Malankara Church, none of this is being communicated!

So, from the twitter and facebook readers, I would like to know what draws you to, or keeps you in this Church and how that will continue to sustain you. That's the homework for tonight. Thanks :)

-Steve K.