Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Is the Orthodox Church losing ground? Another perspective....

Many forums debate the inroads and losses being made on a human level by the Orthodox Church. In particular, our Indian churches have their own ethnocentric take on why we might be losing or gaining members. (Blame the westerners, blame the pentecostals, and be sure to blame the t-shirt/blue jean crowd!!)

If we can stop shaking our angry fists long enough.... An article was posted on a blog written by a resident of Addis Abbaba ...regarding the same issues within the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. I think it's fascinating to see a similarity in concern.


- Advocate

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Jason Kora said...

I strongly believe that the root of the "conversion problem" lies within our own church. We don't invest enough time in grounding our laity in their own faith. Apologetics, bible studies, and sermons, are all valuable tools that should be used to "inoculate" believers against enterprising pastors. I would really like to know how much of an emphasis apologetics is given in our seminaries.