Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"Truth Talk"

“Botros has been hosting Truth Talk since 2003. The weekly show grew out of an internet chat room attended by thousands where the Coptic priest engaged Muslims on the inherent contradictions of their own religion and found that he was leading many to faith in Jesus Christ. As the geographic scope of the show has grown, so has its reach into the lives of Muslims. It is broadcast in Arabic, and this year began also to be translated for Turkish audiences and into Farsi to be aired in Iran.”

Religious conversion is a sensitive topic in many places in the world (Indian Christians can attest to this). I am of the opinion that rather than being hostile to those who are proselytizing, religious leaders should seek to better educate their own flocks. This holds to be especially true as far as the Indian Orthodox church's struggle with charismatic groups is concerned. Rather than harboring hatred for these groups, we should seek to educate our laity so as to make the church "impervious" to such attempts at conversion.

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Joe V. said...

So true ... this reminded me of a response from an Ancient Faith interview i.e., in order to be contagious, one has to be infected first.

If our Church is to grow, we ourselves need to get more passionate and excited about our Faith.