Wednesday, December 17, 2008

“You can't be doing that in here!”

Looking for a school that emphasizes tolerance and welcomes diversity? Take Alameda College in California off the list:

“When the instructor indicated she was ill, Kandy offered to pray for her. The instructor bowed her head, and Kandy began to pray -- until she was interrupted by another faculty member, Derek Piazza, who walked in and said, ‘You can't be doing that in here!’ Kandy quickly left and rejoined her friend and fellow student, Ojoma Omaga. Piazza followed Kandy outside and repeated his rebuke.”

It gets better. The students were threatened by the college with suspension if they prayed on campus again, and were sent letters stating the same. The students are currently undertaking legal proceedings.

A quote attributed to Robin Williams comes to mind: “When the Iraqis were having trouble writing a constitution, we should have said: ‘Take ours, we’re not using it.’”

This country is supposed to be a beacon of freedom and diversity. What are we becoming??

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street theologian said...

I bet one of the more "diverse" religions would have been allowed to pray. It's not religion the secular progressives hate, so much as Christianity.