Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Anglican Bishop Denied Visa to India on Suspicion of Preaching

The Right Reverend Michael Perham had wanted to visit the city's partner dioceses in Dornakal and Karnataka Central.
He had a tourist visa, which the Indian High Commission said was insufficient for "work" purposes.
A commission spokesman in London, said: "On a tourist visa he should not and must not preach."

full article from BBC

After having read this article over, it turns out it is NOT in reference to India's anti-proselytization laws.

It's actually far far cornier.

If I am to understand this correctly, since the Reverend is a Bishop, his "work" is ministry, and going to India to preach would be therefore work and not tourism. However, if I, a layperson were to go preach in India on a tourist visa..it's OK because my "work" is something different. Gotcha!

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