Thursday, January 29, 2009

Charles Darwin's Marriage...of Science and Religion

from LA Times

He was too honest. He told Emma of his doubts about the veracity of the Bible and of his growing skepticism about religion. Emma said she would marry him anyway. She prized his candor, and she knew he was a good and moral man. But in a letter she sent him soon after their engagement, she told him that she was sad that "our opinions on the most important subject should differ widely."

It turns out that Charles Darwin himself was married to a pious Christian woman, Emma Darwin (news to me, at least). What IS surprising to me though is that evolution theory has caused so many to doubt and reject belief in God. It's almost as if God is rejected if He does not fit in our a priori definitions of Him. Part of me believes if the Orthodox Tradition were available in the West at the time, the emphasis on a God existing beyond understanding would soften the shock of this kind of science. Our sort of mystical theology emphasizes that God stands within and without creation as the author of creation.

Granted, I am not completely embracing the theory of evolution as true. The movement to completely discount any serious study into disproving certain elements of evolution is a travesty. For more information on this, I recommend Ben Stein's recent movie Expelled as well as the Politically Incorrect Guide to Science by Tom Bethel. Whatever the actual means of creation are, we will certainly never show for sure. How can you prove events of the past with 100% certainty? Regardless, the author, mover, and holder of all things is eternally the Lord.

-Steve K.

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