Wednesday, January 21, 2009

St. Vlad’s seminarian carries scholarship aid to Uganda

In an inspiring story of pure Christian ministry, this story explains how SVS seminarian Troy Hamilton provided his time, prayers and aid to Christians in support of Fr. George Lakony, a priest serving two Orthodox parishes in the Gulu area of Uganda.

From the article,

he saw something else…opportunity—specifically, opportunity for education and enterprise. “The Ugandans have almost a ‘mythic’ faith in education,” he noted, “and I wanted to help provide them with the means to obtain that.”

So, prior to leaving on his African journey, Troy solicited the seminary community, along with the people at his parish assignment, Holy Trinity Church in East Meadow, Long Island, for books, clothing, and cash.

Truly a model for all of us to learn and share Christ's message, not through forced "Westernization" of the Word but rather adapted to the culture and situation at hand.

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street theologian said...

I am so fascinated by how not only do we put Orthodoxy in indigenous terms without judging, but we also appreciate the true beauty of other cultures and how those cultures can be transfigured by Christ.