Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"Abstinence is unrealistic"

In an interview with Fox News, Bristol Palin shared her experiences with being a young mother especially with the political spotlight.

There are many thought-provoking opinions given throughout the interview, but one among them was Bristol's opinion that abstinence is "unrealistic".

In today's world, being a "good person" has become synonymous with being a Christian and the danger of this is obvious i.e., society's acceptance of what is good and bad continues to slide in the wrong direction away from God. Watching a World Wrestling Federation show from the 1980s and comparing that to WWE today is a striking example of society's lowered standards!

What we need to think of seriously is how easy it is for us to cast stones at acts such as homosexuality as it does not apply to many of us ... however, our judgment on immoral behavior has become more accepting arguably because we can imagine ourselves falling to these temptations if we were in that situation.

We have no better teacher than our Lord Jesus Christ, who rebukes but with love ... and without wavering shows the Way towards which we can return to Him who's image and likeness we have ALL been created. Condoning actions that are not moving us towards being perfect like our Heavenly Father is missing the point of being a Christian.


street theologian said...

I was actually prepared for her to give a much more thoughtful answer. If it was a mistake, that's fine. I can even appreciate that she married the father (ie made an honest woman of herself, etc.) I just figured that the Palins were church-going enough to have some of that rub off on the oldest daughter. I guess that's also normal though...

Joe V. said...

I tried to write in a way that was not too hard on Bristol .. she's very young and naive, and should be very grateful that she has a household that is able to financially and emotionally support the new-born.

But, why come on Fox News and try to justify? Even Sarah Palin and the interviewer seems to just pass it off .. but as mentioned, if the topic is homosexuality or something else, there are strong opinions expressed.

I was also surprised that their seems to be no marriage plans in the works ... which is OK if the couple is not in love, but that makes the whole sexual aspect even sadder.

street theologian said...

akk...I didn't realize that she didn't/is stalling on the marriage...losing the election will do that