Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu & Holy Communion

In response to some of the replies to the twitter posting regarding the above, I only ask because I recalled it being a serious consideration during the SARS (is that still around) scare a few years back, see here.

In fact, I did a quick google search, Catholic Churches in America are receiving permission to take precautions.

I think that we can have this discussion without debating the efficacy of the Communion. We all share the same spoon (if that is what the priest has decided to use) every Sunday. Is it not unreasonable then to consider whether a Swine Flu infected person would be able to spread infection? I'm not saying that this would change the Holy Communion, but the vessels carrying it should be sanitary and sterile for sure (we certainly clean them weekly).

I'm no epidemiologist, I don't know the specific risks. I will say though that some discussion and guidance on the issue would be appreciated.

-Steve K.


Josephus Flavius said...

Indeed. My son's baptism/chrismation is this Sunday. Tons of people will be there. At the same time my school district closed all schools until at least May 8th. Strange days.

street theologian said...

hmm that's something I never thought of. Maybe it won't be the vessels but the crowds that are the problem. Or maybe, just maybe this is all much ado about nothing

Joe V. said...

If we truly believe that we are in the presence of God, and that we are receiving the body & blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, then this question is simply ridiculous. This is really what Christ meant when He implied we don't even have the faith of a mustard seed.

Dency said...

The Church’s teaching on the Holy Qurbana is that the bread made of wheat and the wine used during the Qurbana are transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. They are no longer bread and wine but the body and blood of Christ. The vessels carrying the body and blood are equally Holy. If we truly believe this then how can we even think of falling sick after receiving the Qurbana? I agree with Joe's comments that we don't even have the faith of a mustard seed.