Friday, June 11, 2010

Orthodox Service Closing Hymn

This is actually an amazing video posted on YouTube regarding one of the many beautiful hymns the Malankara Orthodox and Malankara Syrian Orthodox churches sing towards the end of the Holy Eucharist, followed by the dismissal benediction from the clergy, which is all after the Hoothomo (closing prayer). Absolutely a blessing!

Since the video is sung only in the Indian native language, Malayalam; Here is the translation for the following hymn:
Jesus, Father's son,
keep us always well
Jesus, Mary's son,
Help us always too
Jesus, strengthen us-
Jesus guard us all
Jesus, remove the
wicked from us all
Jesus, absolve our
sins and our evil deeds
Jesus, have mercy
on the judgement day

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George Varghese said...

I recently was looking for a short prayers used by the Church in the line of Jesus prayer .

I found that there is one used in the Ninevah fast and trying to translate that showed it so similar to this prayer.

Amazing how much treasure lies in Church and we know not enough. It would be very useful if we use these prayers outside of commom prayer as part of personal prayer to turn our thoughts to God.