Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Aint No Party Like a Fr. Greg Party..

You might remember Fr. Greg Malia...from the New York Party Circuit...

Driving from distant Wilkes Barre, Pa. - where bedtimes are early and life is slow - Malia would arrive in clubland and shell out thousands of dollars in tips, send bottles of Dom Perignon to fellow clubgoers and squire cocktail waitresses around town on shopping sprees.

When word got back to the hardscrabble precincts of northeastern Pennsylvania, the Right Rev. Paul Marshall, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Bethlehem, relieved Malia of his priestly duties at St. James Trinity Episcopal Church.

Of course, the Episcopal Church has no monopoly on Priestly indiscretions. That's why we have to accept...the Church is full of sinners...and even if it's full of sinners...that doesn't make the truth less true.

It used to be that you had to confess Islam to get suspended in the Episcopalian Church though.

-Steve K.

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