Tuesday, December 30, 2008

An interesting thing i heard today

Hello everyone,
Today i was reeducating myself into orthodoxy and i came across this lecture/sermon. after listening to it, i was curious to see what you all opinions on it. Being all of you, being passioniate of Christendom, I thought you get a kick too out of this snippet. Please respond back and let share what we feel about this piece of lecture.

Click here to listen


street theologian said...

Where is this from?

Joe V. said...

Listening to the person (assuming it's a priest?), what I got flashbacks of was our own Church that doesn't explain why the Church is making the rules.

Everything ties to Theosis. The Church is providing a path, a way, towards becoming more like God. Fasting, sacraments, liturgy ... all can be lovingly explained with Theosis in mind.

What the gentleman was arguing for was the Catholic Church, where things are very legalistic and hierarchical. The Church doesn't need to be made more power .. the Church is powerful because it is the ultimate Truth

Let Go, and Let God.. said...

I believe that's Fr. Anthony Messeh. This priest is the webmaster of OrthodoxSermons.com
-Hana George :)