Monday, January 19, 2009

Obama Era Set to Begin

The time for the rhetoric of hope is over. People, particularly the African American community are sincerely and genuinely hopeful. The inauguration isn't the culmination of the movement, though, it's Day 1. So, let's pray for the new president, that he may serve the nation as a good shepherd guided by Faith.

One of his first decisions is choosing a Church (article here) . Is it wrong for a President to choose an ethnic or black Church? If I were President, would I continue to attend an Indian Orthodox Church? Formally, the Indian Orthodox Church is not supposed to be ethnic, but has been so in America because of its immigrant history. If his Church is generally open to people of all races, then that does not seem to me controversial. However, I do the find Black Liberation Theology which his former reverend subscribed to, to be controversial indeed.


Joe V. said...

In this country right now, it'll be very improbable to be elected if you are not Christian ... and sadly many ordinary Evangelicals (i.e., those who are not seminary-trained) do not believe Orthodox and Catholics are "Christian". So, I doubt you'll have that problem Steve on which Church you need to belong to when you become President :)

street theologian said...

But I was looking forward to Mar Barnabas Thirumeni doing the invocation and/or benediction

Whole-Bean said...

I think you first have to be seen over the podium... then we can get to the presidency! =) Happy Inauguration Day!