Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rick Warren's inaugural invocation gets mixed reviews

The LA Times reports on mixed reactions to Pastor Rick Warren's inaugural invocation that apparently appeased angry gay/lesbian opponents but offended others who do not like to hear anything Christian in public events.

"he raised other eyebrows by invoking Jesus' name and concluding with the Lord's Prayer -- both distinctly Christian practices on a day that has typically been characterized by more general expressions of "civil religion."

The last minute of the invocation were without doubt the highlight of the invocation, and theological differences aside it was nice to see Pastor Warren have the courage to invoke the name of Christ on this historic day!

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street theologian said...

Rick Warren's prayer was as good as we're going to get for a modern inauguration. He actually slyly included quotes from traditionally Jewish & Muslim prayers as part of his prayer. That's the best Ecumenical compromise I can fathom (at least how he did it) that will be "inclusive" but not any less of a prayer to Christ.